Ásgeir - Leyndarmál

Hi, it has been a while... I want to introduce you to Ásgeir Trausti, before it is too late. The fact that I went to his concert the 3rd December in Belgium, explains his success. Suddenly, one of his songs was used in a Flemish television programme. Then I got a little concerned that he would find himself in a "Of Monsters And Men"-stage, luckily that has not happened - yet. I like people to discover Icelandic music, obviously, otherwise I would not have this blog and share music with you. But I hate it when music gets annoying only by the fact that it is played too much on the radio, you 'rape' the song.


Mr. Silla - One Step

Mr. Silla is THE prototype to describe the tangled Icelandic music scene. Artists are members of several different bands at the same time. They work together and know each other very well. It's like the whole music scene is just one big family. Mr. Silla is a solo project of Sigurlaug Gisladóttir, who is the female vocalist of Múm. Then members of Seabear, Amiina, Sin Fang, Komono and so on (have) participated the project too. So the members switch a lot, they just join "whenever they want". Okay that's a lie, but at least it sometimes looks like it. (This is by the way generally speaking, it's not only Mr. Silla). If you look up Mr. Silla you will find the band "Mr. Silla & Mongoose"; she started this band with a friend of her. Mongoose tried some electronic experimenting stuff. But now, one thing is sure: Sigurlaug is the front woman. Don't expect similarity to Múm, Mr. Silla is something totally different. I think it is somehow similar to Warpaint or Catpower, but of course that is my interpretation. If you listen to this song, One Step, you'll think you are listening to Warpaint. Mr. Silla's voice is very powerful, she can create a great atmosphere, as you will notice. Enjoy!


Útidúr - Fisherman’s Friend

I am so proud to introduce Útidúr to you guys. Their music gives you an instant smile. Útidúr is an euphoric folk band, existing out of 10 members and they use 6 different instruments. Útidúr labels their music as "acoustic chamber pop". The album "This Mess We’ve Made" (2010) is recorded with 20 musicians! I think they have a great chance to make a big international career. I had the same feeling when I heard Little Talks of Of Monsters and Men for the first time. If I can describe them in three words it would be:The Icelandic Beirut, and sometimes it is a little too obvious, but I don't care. What sets them apart is the unique voice of the girl singer. If you listen to Fisherman's Friend you will notice this gives an extra touch.