Útidúr - Fisherman’s Friend

I am so proud to introduce Útidúr to you guys. Their music gives you an instant smile. Útidúr is an euphoric folk band, existing out of 10 members and they use 6 different instruments. Útidúr labels their music as "acoustic chamber pop". The album "This Mess We’ve Made" (2010) is recorded with 20 musicians! I think they have a great chance to make a big international career. I had the same feeling when I heard Little Talks of Of Monsters and Men for the first time. If I can describe them in three words it would be:The Icelandic Beirut, and sometimes it is a little too obvious, but I don't care. What sets them apart is the unique voice of the girl singer. If you listen to Fisherman's Friend you will notice this gives an extra touch.

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