Snorri Helgason - Ólán

Snorri is a natural talent, no doubt. He taught himself how to play guitar and started as a 19 year old boy. Until 2009 he was the head member of the popular band Sprengjuhöllin. I LOVE this band, I will post a song of them later. He released his first solo album in 2009. I chose the song Ólán because this is a song written in Icelandic. River is another great song of him. As a solo 'band' he mainly sings in English. Snorri has been compared to artists like Neil Young and Paul Simon. He released his new album in September 2013, Autumn Skies. When I listen to Ólán, Thom Yorke comes up my mind, and even sometimes I hear a similar Jónsi sound. Ólán means unhappy. He sings about himself being unhappy, but then a girl comes into his life and everything changes. They meet in the middle of the night, the red sun is bursting through and they are on bare feet... Ahhh romantic!

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