Lay Low - By And By

This is the song I heard when I entered the plane to fly for the very first time to Iceland. The overwhelming moment, filled with joy, excitement and curiosity to finaaallllly go to the country of elves and trolls... And then, I heard Lay Low. From that moment on this memory is linked with this country music of Lay Low. So now you know why I needed to start this blog with By and By, you can compare it with the feeling which evokes when you are on your way to get into a crazy rollercoaster ride. I was by the way on a plane of Icelandair. It's not the cheapest airline to fly to Iceland, but the facilities you have or worth their money. Every customer has his own little entertainment touch-screen. So the moment you enter the plane, you can already discover Iceland through their national music, movies and read all information about everything the island offers. Lay Low is not that famous (international). Her real name is Lovísa Elísabet Sigrúnardóttir. And just like Björk, she doesn't look Icelandic at all. She has a Sri Lankan father and an Icelandic mother. It is possible you know her from her support act of Emilíana Torrini's tour in 2009 or of the Monsters and Men concerts in 2012.

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