1860 - Snæfellsnes

A second song that I must share with you is Snæfellsnes of 1860. Snæfellsnes is one of the prettiest areas in winter time, if you ask me. Because when it is covered up with snow it looks like a paradise. Snæfellsnes is a peninsula in the west of Iceland. 1860 is an upcoming band which started in 2010. That's the year I was in Iceland and they even played at my high school during lunch break. They call them the Fleet Foxes of Iceland, but ofcourse they have their own unique style. They sing both in English and in Icelandic. This song Snæfellsnes is written in Icelandic, so most of you won't understand it. But they are basically singing about a long awaited vacation to this area. "Við hoppum upp í bíl" means "we jump into our car" and they are just full of excitement. The prettiest sentence I think is “Ég vona bara að fönnin mér fleyti heim” which means something like "I hope the snow will 'float' me home", and this just describes the beauty of their music and the Icelandic scenery. And don't forget to listen to their other music, they are getting better everyday! And if you are planning on going to Icelandic Airwaves, ofcourse they will play there too ;)

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