Valdimar - Yfirgefinn

An absolute must is posting a song of Valdimar! Valdmiar is the first name of the singer. I know Valdimar personally because he is the cousin of two friends of mine (Pálmi and Smári). They, but just their whole family, are all SO nice people and have a heart of gold. Anyway, I got a CD of their first album Undraland ("Wonderland") and ofcourse I listened to it non-stop. Valdimar Guðmundsson started together with Ásgeir Aðalsteinsson, both from Keflavík. Later, four other members joined and now they are a 6-member band. When they perform live they sometimes add members of the horn section. Their music is just so sweet and very innovatory because you can't really compare it to other bands. Valdimar himself plays trombone which gives the music an extra touch. All songs are written in Icelandic, some are really calm and others are more energetic, like Yfirgefinn. Valdimar is famous in the whole country and nobody gets enough of their music. Yfirgefinn means "neglected" so it actually is a quite sad song. It is about memories of someone, feeling totally lost and elements of nature (so Icelandic) are used; like "the earth swallowing him up" or "stars in the sky remembers me of you". But the song slowly reaches a climax and then the sentence “Ég heyri læti” which means "I hear panic/commotion" is repeated. It is weird because just suddenly it becomes a happy song, but it's not. But he sings “ég heyri læti lalalalala læti, það eru læti lalalalalæti” (3:26) and I remember on a party where we were dancing on this song and everyone putted their hands on their ears to illustrate that there was "laeti". But ofcourse the fact that I didn't understand everything in Icelandic in the beginning, probably made me think that too. Anyway guys, just start loving Valdimar... They are awesome and the person behind it is lovely too :). (A more slowly song is Brotlentur )

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