Tilbury - Tenderloin

It all began with a solo project of Þormóður Dagsson in 2010 and it resulted in the birth of Tilbury. This is a new band, but the members aren't. They are a mishmash of different famous music groups of Iceland (Valdimar, Amiina, Sin Fang, Hjaltalín &...). So you can quite say that Tilbury represents the Icelandic music in a good way! Þormóður himself was the drummer of Jeff Who? but changed his drumsticks for the microphone. Tilbury is actually an old movie of 1987 made by Vidar Vikingsson (check out a little piece here). The musiclip of Tenderloin contains fascinating fragments of this movie, about an Icelandic citizen gathering in the time the American culture reached Iceland, which was very primitive back then. Enjoy!

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