Feldberg - Dreamin'

Feldberg is one of the greatest bands I got to know in Iceland. The wonderful and talented duo Einar Tönsberg & Rósa Birgitta Ísfeld both have very nice voices. Rósa has an uique souly voice and Einar has a very soft voice. The name of the band is a mish mash of their lastnames. Feldberg is a quite young band (2009). Einar already produced albums with his solo band Eberg in Scandinavia and Europe since 2004. His music is also very nice. You can describe it as dreampop and it is comparable with The Postal Service. Listen a song here. Rósa also sings in another band, called Sometime, about which I will post a blogpost later. Dreamin' is nominated as the best song of 2010 by the IMA (Icelandic Music Awards). For me Feldberg also revives memories about my time in Iceland. Dreamin' is played in the airplanes of Icelandair before the plane takes off. Another song of them "Don't Be a Stranger" was the song you got to hear when you were calling somebody, it was like the "waiting tone". Enjoy these songs, you are going to love it!

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