Hjálmar - Borgin

Icelandic reggae! This combination is just ‘skrítið’ (weird). If you say reggae, you think about an afro dude, smoking pot and chilling all day long. And then... Iceland... What a contrast, the total opposite! But the band Hjálmar breaks the silence. In my year in Iceland I went to a gig of them, and they were mindblowing. The atmosphere was incredible, everybody forgot the freezing temperatures outside and kept on the non-stop-dancing-mood. But they do have their own sound. They are known as THE (first) reggae band of Iceland and all the vikings absolutely love them. In 2004 they produced their first album and everybody had a crush on Hjálmar. 35 weeks they had been on the list of the best selling album. They got prices, nominations and in the meanwhile they produced 6 albums. They even went to Jamaice for their fourth album. The lyrics are always in Icelandic, that is one of the reasons they are so unique. It was difficult to chose one of their songs. But I chose Borgin. This song gives you an impression how lovely their music is and after hearing their music you can almost say the inhabitants use it as a sort of 'medication' to stand out the long dark Icelandic winter days. Borgin means 'the city' and they praise this city "nobody has seen something prettier" or "the city makes every heart bleed". Enjoy!

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