Hafdís Huld - Tomoko

Hafdís Huld has a super cute voice and is mostly accompanied with an ukulele. In 2006 she brought out her first album "Dirty Paper Cup", she won a national price for the best pop album. On this album there is also a cover of the Velvet Underground (Who Loves the Sun). Hafdis got known in Europe. Also Paolo Nutini discovered her (the guy who sings "Hey, I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything feels right...") and he took her with him on a tour in the United Kingdom. Also Mika got to know the Icelandic Hafdis Huld. Her second album from 2009 was a huge success. When you see her in an interview she is so adorable: very funny and enthusiastic, just like her appearance. I chose the song Tomoko. It is just a funny song about 'the other girl' who is always prettier, skinnier etc... Enjoy this cutie pie.

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