Lára Rúnars - In Between

You can compare the talent of Lára (say it as Laura) Rúnars to artists like Björk and Emilíana Torrini, if you ask me. She is making music since 2003. Her father was a member of "Grafík", a rock band of the eighties and through him she got into music. She got introduced to artists like Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Nick Cave. In 2004 she made a song together with the Irish Damien Rice (click). The albums of Lára are inspired by The Cardigans and Stina Nordenstam. Her new and fourth album "Moment" appears to be more mysterious and dark with PJ Harvey as a great influence. Lára got into some personal struggles, she even questioned her music career... But then she came to senses and rediscovered herself. The album reflects those feelings, that is why Moment is the most personal album she has made so far. In Between is a little older (2009), but a very nice song.

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